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Incredible Faith Mission: Boston - A Few of My Favorite Things

Updated: May 18, 2023

Why Incredible Faith Mission Boston? What's going to make it an amazing experience? Well, I’m so glad you asked! Here are my own top 5 favorite things - I recommend you read this while "My Favorite Things" plays in the background.

1. Experiencing Boston! Boston is an incredibly diverse and historical city with every kind of person you can imagine. Not only do we commute around the city to various volunteer sites (each with their own history), but we will get to know locals at each spot! We will work with and serve folks young and old, with native Bostonians and those newly arrived. Midweek, the group will gather at Boston Commons for a day of cultural immersion. We will explore a section of the Freedom Trail and learn some history. If you ask, I’ll even tell you some of the ghost stories I’ve learned!

2. Being in Community When was the last time that you laughed so hard that your cheeks hurt? *Raises Hand* The first day’s team building games will be silly, and make people laugh. That play will be the foundation on which the rest of the week is built; the lessons on communication, acceptance, and teamwork set the tone for the rest of the program. And while I think laughter is important in any friendship, it’ll be the shared experiences on volunteer sites in moments of difficulty or discomfort that create deeper community.

3. Delicious eats! Our home base will be at Edwards House Meeting & Retreat Center and they make some incredible meals! Some of my personal favorites included tater-tots, watermelon, and a deliciously seasoned breakfast burrito (no, not all at once!). There’s a local ice cream place that is a must see, not to mention the incredible options in Boston itself. A meal at Quincy Market is a guarantee but I’ll have to warn you - bring your sneakers! I’ll be surprised if you don't pace back and forth while deciding where to eat.

4. Best sleep in your life! This is really saying something considering that I generally have a hard time sleeping well in new places. Edwards House is an incredible facility with REAL BEDS (that right folks, a real bed). More than that, the days will leave you exhausted. Sure, there’ll be a physical exhaustion after all the walking, after standing and working at food pantries or at an urban garden. But it’s also more than physical - there’s a deep satisfaction at the end of a hard day of working for good. Trust me - you will be sleeping like a baby!

5. Being yourself <3 One of the first things the group does is build a covenant together, which fosters a special kind of environment that is supportive, and encourages folks to be authentic. During daily volunteering, shared meals, and our regular evening debriefs folks get the opportunity to be honest and reflective. We have real and sincere conversations about who we are, and how we relate to the world, its people, and our individual beliefs. By the end of the week, the most unexpected person will have a moment of introspection, the quietest will find their confidence, and everyone will experience moments of growth.

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