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Gotta love technology! You can offer online mission programs to keep your faith development and community outreach going strong. 

Virtual Mission Trips are a great option for many groups. Born from the COVID-19 outbreak, we began offering these non-traditional mission trip programson a variety of social justice topics. Incredible Days offers the chance to engage online in powerful learning, personal service, advocacy, and group reflection.  We deliver a real and  purposeful digital mission experience customized to your group.


Click to learn more about our ready-to-go programs including Refugees, Immigrants and Migrant Workers, Urban Poverty, Rural Poverty, and Caring for Creation. These trips cost a fraction of traditional mission trips and are facilitated by experienced leaders who connect the content to your community. 

Virtual Mission Trips are also a great budget-friendly option for groups building a critical mass for a traditional mission trip, those pioneering inter-generational service programs, churches needing remote faith-formation programs (like Church School and Confirmation), and congregations looking to keep isolated members engaged. Using common and familiar digital tools, we host a multi-day program for your group to learn, serve, and advocate together. Use one of our pre-developed trips, or we can build a custom program focused on a justice issue that's important to your group. The short video below offers a quick overview of how our Virtual Mission Trips work. Contact us for more information or a free tour of one of our programs.

Take a look at how our Virtual Mission Trips work!

You can also read more about planning and leading Virtual Mission Trips on our blog.

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