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Day 2 - Facing the Climate Crisis 

Daily Work Projects

Project 1: Watch the introductory video at the top of this page and review today's Scripture from 1 Timothy 4:12. This link will take you to 1 Timothy Chapter 4, then find and read the correct verses.

Project 2: How much do you know about climate change?  Take this quiz from and test your knowledge.

Project 3: We know climate change is happening, and we know the effects will be bad. Why would anyone not want to do something about? Dr. M. Sanjayan explore the answer in this video from Vox.


Project 4: Young people have the most to lose from climate change, and are very motivated to address the issue. Watch this video about Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and a group of teens who sued the U.S. government over climate change. 

Project 5: The court case Juliana v. US, where teens tried to force the government to fix climate change began in 2015.  What's the status today?  Find out here

Project 6: The organization Stand for Trees has a carbon calculator to help you figure out the impact of your lifestyle and what your carbon emission levels are. Enter your info here to discover your role in carbon emissions. Once you find yours, change the settings to see what changes you might make to decrease your carbon footprint. If you're not sure about an answer, try several different settings to see what the impact it has. 

Project 7: People are expressing their concern about the climate crisis in many different ways. Check out various artistic expressions about the climate crisis here. Look through these pieces and then create your own art that shares your thoughts about climate change. 

Project 8: Participate in your 7:00 pm (EST) evening team debrief on Zoom using this link

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