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Daily Work Projects

Project 1: Watch the introductory video at the top of this page and review today's Scripture from Isaiah 58:9-12. This link will take you to Isaiah, then find and read the correct verses.

Project 2: What is plastic?  How is it made and what happens after we use it? This video from TED helps explain the process. 

Project 3: Perhaps you've heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch already, that it's the size of Texas, or that it is a "vortex of death". The reality is more complicated. Watch this video from Seeker's The Swim to learn more. 

Project 4: Now check out some additional reading about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch from National Geographic. 

Project 5: On the Indonesian island of Bali, two teenage girls have lead a successful campaign to get rid of plastic bags. Check out this NPR story about the sisters who banned plastic bags. Either read the report or use the play button at the top of story to hear it as a radio broadcast. 

Project 6: To deal with pollution we must Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Reducing and Reusing come before Recycling on purpose. It's best to limit our consumption of plastics, and to reuse them so they don't become waste after a single use. Here's a list of 60 ways to reuse plastic bottles. Read the list and choose at least one to try. 

Project 7: Participate in your 7:00 pm (EST) evening team debrief on Zoom using this link

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