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Daily Work Projects

Project 1: Watch the introductory video at the top of this page and review today's Scripture from Matthew 25:14-30. This link will take you to Matthew Chapter 25, then find and read the correct verses.

Project 2: Visit the website of North Carolina Conservation Network. Click on the "Our Work" tab and read about the solutions they are proposing to address environmental issues in North Carolina. 

Project 3: Click here to join our one hour Faith and Advocacy Panel Discussion starting at 6:00 pm.  

Project 4: Following up on the panel discussion, contact your legislators, both state and national, and let them know your thoughts on caring for creation.  Click here to send an email to your federal legislators. Click here to find the correct email for your North Carolina state legislators. Enter your address and you'll find links for each of them. Not sure what to say? Try using this template to write your letter. 

Project 5: Stay committed to this work! Visit the Eden Project and take the pledge to do one or more things to keep caring for creation.

Project 6: You've learned a lot. Take some time to reflect on all of it.  Draw a picture to share during your evening debrief that depicts what you want to take away from this Virtual Mission Trip. 

Project 7: Participate in your 7:00 pm (EST) evening team debrief and closing worship on Zoom using this link

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