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Daily Work Projects

Project 1: Watch the introductory video at the top of this page and review today's Scripture from Ezekiel 34:11-19. This link will take you to Chapter 34, then find and read the correct verses.

Project 2: Can an individual make a difference when it comes to preserving Creation? Read this article from The Conversation and think about the importance of individual action and group action.


Project 3: Afroz Shah is an example of one man who's actions made a difference when he began singlehandedly cleaning up a beach in Mumbai, India. Watch this short video from Great Big Story to hear how he did it. 


Project 4: Have you ever considered the environmental impact of what you eat? Watch this Vox video and consider what you like to eat, what you eat most regularly, and how changes to your diet might be a good way to combat climate change.

Project 5: People produce a lot more plastic trash than they think. Check out how one artist, Daniel Webb, saved and displayed his plastic trash for a year. Compare that with Lauren Singer, who kept 4 years worth of trash to one jar. Then read about some ways to live with less plastic. What can you do to reduce your plastic waste?

Project 6: Clean up your own neighborhood! Do a trash pick up and remove litter from your street, public buildings and/or local park. Consider working together with others in your group for a greater impact. Invite others to participate as well. Wear gloves and be careful - some litter can be dangerous or toxic. Make note of the kinds of things you find. If you can't do a trash clean up, look at some other great ideas for environmental service projects from Youth Service America and choose an alternative.

Project 7: Participate in your 7:00 pm (EST) evening team debrief on Zoom using this link

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