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Daily Work Projects

Project 1: Watch the introductory video at the top of this page and review today's Scripture from Psalm 65:9-13. This link will take you to Psalm 65, then find and read the correct verses.

Project 2: Watch this TED Talk as Kim Preshoff explains how biodiversity works and why it's important. 

Project 3: Take this Google Earth Journey to explore some of the world's keystone species and how they impact their environments. 

Project 4: Watch this TED Talk and hear Stefan Al explain why it's important for cities to include trees, and how they play an important part of urban environments

Project 5: Humans are changing the Earth in such stark ways that it challenges the ability of other creatures to survive on the planet. Read this article explaining why some scientists say we've begun the Earth's 6th major extinction.

Project 6: Humans are burning down forests for farm land, expanding into untamed environments, and capturing wild animals for food and for exotic pets. This isn't just bad for biodiversity, it's bad for human beings. Watch this short video from the United Nations Environment Program, then watch this short video from Save Vietnam's Wildlife to understand how. 

Project 7: Help out your local wildlife. Use these instructions to make a recycled birdfeeder, or alternately, make birdfeed balls from scraps.


Project 8: Participate in your 7:00 pm (EST) evening team debrief on Zoom using this link

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